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What a difference an attractive smile can make for you and those around you. If you find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh or almost never smiling because you think your teeth are ugly, it may be time to investigate cosmetic dentistry.

The benefits of correcting unattractive teeth are as much psychological as they are physical. Since it’s a well-known fact that smiling can be contagious, imagine how great it will feel to have friends and even complete strangers smiling back at you! Plus, the advances in cosmetic dentistry in recent years have changed what were once painful and often expensive procedures into those that are less painful and more affordable for anyone.

It’s perfectly normal for teeth to become stained from beverages or even natural elements in water. If your teeth are stained, a simple whitening procedure can fix this. Many people have been disappointed by the results from over-the-counter whitening products. Fortunately whitening procedures such as Zoom! can dramatically improve teeth whiteness in a little as one hour.

Most people have at least a few teeth that are misshaped. If this drives you nuts every time you look in the mirror, porcelain veneers can correct this situation in about three office visits. Another cosmetic dentistry option for irregular teeth is the Invisalign treatment. This remarkable advance in dentistry straightens teeth without braces. It uses a series of aligners that are moved every two weeks until the teeth are corrected. This procedure is customized for each patient and designed by the dentist.

When dentures are called for, it is critical to have a dental expert who is trained in the preparation, manufacturer and fitting of these dentures to complete this process. If your dentures have become uncomfortable, they probably need adjustment. In many cases, dental implants are appropriate and it is important that this procedure is completed by a prosthodontist – a highly trained dentist who specializes in the placement and restoration of dental implants.

In the not-so-distant past, cosmetic dentistry was primarily used by celebrities, actresses and others who were in the public eye. Those days are long gone. Now, procedures such as Zoom! teeth whitening, porcelain veneer application, the Invisalign procedure and innovative dental implants are affordable and available to just about anyone who wants to improve their appearance. Procedures that used to require months to complete, are now completed in a few hours and the pain that accompanied these procedures has been virtually eliminated by safe and effective sedatives such as nitrous oxide and advances in dental treatments.

The most innovative cosmetic dentists in the Chicago area are found at Midway Square Dental Center. The training and equipment is state-of-dental-art and the dentists have a warm and caring attitude about their patients. Whether you need cosmetic dentistry, root canal procedures, wisdom teeth removal, Periodontics, crowns and bridges procedures, emergency walk-ins or general dentistry, the professionals at Midway Square Dental Center are eager to help you. For more information or to schedule an appointment visit today!

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