Avoiding Dental Crown Problems

Avoiding Dental Crown ProblemsA dental crown is essentially a cap that is used to protect a weak tooth from breaking. A crown may also be commonly used to hold a cracked tooth in place and improve strength and appearance. Crowns are cemented in place for security but can often fall out due to improper care.

Experienced professionals, like those at Midway Square Dental, are required to do the job and provide you with the tools and procedure for proper daily care to prevent further damage. In many cases of dental crown rupture or cracking, the damage is contributed by poor maintenance and care To avoid complications to a dental crown, make sure to follow these tips.

• Food and Diet – It is extremely important to avoid certain types of food when a dental crown is in place. If there are excessive amounts of sticky or chewy foods in your diet then there is an increased risk of damaging the crown. In addition to working the dental crown harder, chewy foods like chewing gum may even cause the cap to loosen or fall off.

In addition to sticky or chewy foods, it is also highly recommended to stay away from hard or raw foods as well. Carrots for example, are extremely soft after being boiled but if eaten raw, may cause the crown to dislodge or crack. Even simple foods like ice cubes or hard nuts can seem harmless but are likely suspects for cracking a dental crown.

• Regular Maintenance – It is always important to brush and floss regularly after meals but especially after having a dental crown. Any buildup of plaque may weaken the crown and cause decay or even gum disease. Flossing cannot be ignored when you have dental crowns and sliding should be done outwards instead of pulling up.

• Avoid Chewing with Crowns – Especially after just putting a dental crown in place, the nerves are extremely sensitive to heat or cold. Depending on the dental crown, tooth sensitivity is common among many patients. To avoid pain, consider asking your dentist to recommend a type of toothpaste that is specially designed for sensitive teeth.

Grinding Teeth Another important factor to avoid with a dental crown is to eliminate teeth grinding. Most patients may not even be aware of their grinding activity so consulting with a professional is important. Grinding can do heavy damage to teeth but especially to dental crowns. The pressure placed onto the crown can compromise stability and placement. This applies to clenching as well so patients who regularly bite down hard should make a conscious effort to stop.

Crowns may seem only like a quick fix or just a temporary solution but actually, they are often the best possible option for long-term dental health. Particularly because the intended purpose is to protect a weak tooth, proper care and regular maintenance of the cap will directly affect and determine the health of the damaged tooth. In order to avoid unnecessary pain or expenses, the best way is to stay away from certain foods and always brush as well as floss after meals. Allow Midway Square Dental to give you a new lease on oral health by scheduling an appointment today.


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