Dental Implants Cost and Price in Chicago

Accidents, age and weak teeth can leave your mouth looking out of shape. Damaged teeth can cause pain and even invite infection if they are left untreated. Teeth that are missing can affect the shape of your face and can make you self-conscious about your smile. Chicago dental implants are available to help you overcome these challenges and enjoy having a full set of teeth again.

What is an Implant?

When teeth must be pulled, something should be put in its place. Traditionally, dentists used dentures, bridges and partials to fill in the gaps from missing teeth. However, implants are a better solution. An implant is more than an artificial tooth that takes up space. It actually implants a new tooth root that can be used to hold the replacement tooth in place.

Proven Track Record

Dental implants have been commonly used since 1965. In a survey of more than 1350 people, more than 98% felt that their implant had been worth the cost and were pleased with the results.


•       They are as permanent as your natural teeth.

•       Bone resorption does not occur

•       Your smile will look natural and great

•       Adjacent teeth are not compromised in any way

•       Eat anything without worrying about shifting dentures or broken bridges

•       The natural fit means that they are more comfortable

Because implants are permanent and create a natural replacement for the missing tooth, they will last a lifetime. Unlike bridges and partials, an implant only has to be done one time. Bridges eventually break and partials have to be rebuilt as the years wear them down. But an implant provides you with a quality tooth that will never give you problems or create additional expense.

Any Age

Older people suffer tooth loss as a result of aging. Many younger people suffer tooth loss due to accidents. Young children who lose a tooth may have to wait until they are older and the jaw has stopped growing to have an implant done. However, there is no upper limit on the age a person can be to receive an implant. People in their 90’s successfully receive implants.

Time Frame

How long it takes to do an implant depends on the condition of the mouth. Some people may quality for procedures where implants are done in one day. This procedure typically is done in less than an hour. Other people need to have the bone augmented, causing the total treatment time to take up to a year.


The total cost of dental implants in the Chicago area depends on a number of factors. How many implants are required and the type of prosthestic teeth that will be used impact the overall expense. Insurance companies may cover at least part of the overall expense. The balance can typically be financed through the office performing the surgery.


The pain is minimal. Local anesthesia is given for the surgery itself. There will be some tenderness after the surgery, but it will fade over a few days. Over the counter pain relievers can help with the immediate discomfort and soreness.

Dental implants are the ideal solution if you have any missing teeth. Even the prominent front teeth can be replaced with implants. The results are permanent and as natural as your own teeth. A healthier alternative to bridges and partials, implants will last a lifetime. Call today for more information and to make an appointment.

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