Zoom Laser Whitening Chicago

zoom laser whitening chicagoWhen it comes to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is the most common procedure performed by dentists. With a whiter, brighter smile patients feel more attractive and confident, leading them to greater success in their lives. After just one treatment, those who undergo Zoom laser whitening will be wowed by the incredible transformation. Expect to hear lots of compliments from friends, family and neighbors right away. This guide will explain why teeth become discolored, what Zoom can do to help and what to expect during your treatment.

Why Do Teeth Become Discolored?
There are several reasons why teeth can become stained or discolored over time. On the most basic level, many foods and beverages can stain otherwise healthy teeth to give them a yellow or even grey tinge. Improper dental hygiene can also cause discoloration to the teeth over time. These types of stains, however, can almost always be removed through a whitening process. Known as extrinsic stains, they are only on the surface of healthy teeth and have not yet permeated the tooth. The far more serious stains are known as intrinsic stains. They are a result of thinning enamel or even cracks in the enamel covering the tooth. Many traditional whitening techniques were unable to remove these intrinsic stains, but new technology in Zoom laser whitening is able to.

What is Zoom Laser Whitening?
With so many different types of teeth whitening available, it can be a challenge to narrow down your options and choose just one effective and affordable method. Zoom is the fastest and most effective choice when it comes to whitening your teeth at your dentist’s office. It works thanks in large part to the special gel, featuring hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient. The gel itself would be effective over time as a whitening agent, but in your dentist’s office it will be paired with a whitening light that works with the gel to instantly whiten your teeth. In a matter of hours, you can expect to have a significantly brighter and lighter smile.

What to Expect During Your Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment
Many patients are afraid of undergoing Zoom laser whitening treatments despite the clear benefits and results. It is important to realize that the entire process is comfortable and takes a short amount of time. The first step is preparing the mouth so that the gel is only in contact with the teeth, rather than the gums. Then, you can expect a 20-minute treatment with the whitening light. Three treatments on this length take place in just one session, leaving you with a whiter smile in just a few hours. Expect to see greater whitening even after you leave the dentist, with results improving over the next day or two.

If you’re looking for whiter teeth, then Zoom whitening is the answer for you. If you live in the Chicago area, call today for an appointment or a consultation to learn more about this innovative teeth whitening treatment.


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